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In these times we shake all that really seems to come more African proverb that says:

Many small people

In many small places

Doing little things

Can change the world.


This is what seems to inspire this small group of farmers in this southern corner, and spend more than six years of its establishment and have been consolidated and are expanding their business. No need for large investments or large groups, only hard work, believes in a project and shares all the charges.


Today more than ever that we have moved away from consumerism like, even health, in favor of beauty, leaving quality, taste and as understood as nutrition, appearance and marketing.


Today more than ever that agriculture and the farmer is a small and local endangered species, is more than justified as consumers to support these small associations that cover the gap of fresh produce, direct, helping to keep small local economies.


These initiatives go beyond the ecological and fashion are a necessity and are a reference to keep the essential values ​​of life and the abandonment of rural areas and so many skills and ways of living with what the media gives us.

Arturo Guanche García

   Guía de Isora 08/08/2011