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Collection of pumpkins at Biofarm TagamicheThe Bio-Finca Tagamiche is inscribed in the Register of organic farming enterprises with the number 2069-P and dedicates itself exclusively to the growing of organic fruits, vegetables and eggs from free range.

We are on the road at La Chiquita km 2, in the municipality of Guía de Isora, the Barranco de Erques adjacent and at an altitude of 200m above sea level.

We are specialized in the cultivation of papaya, but also have bananas, mangos and mangas and soon avocados. We use the fruit gardens for growing vegetables such as pumpkin, which we usually have all year, as well as leeks, peppers, beets, noni fruit, zucchini, chayote, passion fruit, herbs, potatoes and eggs.

For cultivation, we use the rotation system of farming and the compatibility of the plants. We saw only once and then change the field.

On the finca there are Peli Buey sheep and sheep crossed with a canarian breed. These we fed with food that grows on the estate, organic remnants and banana from the surrounding cooperatives. The purpose of the sheep is the use of manure for organic compost, which we use later to fertilize the fields, as much as possible to use self-generated and to be independent of foreign products. In this way, we carry the recycling to the farm.

The diet fed the cattle and the cattle fed the ground.”

We keep on Bio-Finca Tagamiche, including bio excellent chicken, which the knitting meet standards of free-range, such as the number of square meters per hen in the open.

The chickens we operate for the sale of organic eggs and additional is the manure used for fertilization. Thus we draw a double take advantage of it.

On the Bio-Finca Tagamiche attention to organic farming and apart from that we respect nature and recycling of waste.

Therefore, we offer a healthy and high quality product, which we would like to share with pride with our customers.