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Biofarm Cáceres

In Valle de San Lorenzo Arona with approximately 5000 m2 of cultivation is the Farm with Caceres Registration No. P 2049 in the Regulatory Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Canary Islands.

This farm specializes in leafy vegetables (especially lettuce) alternating and combining with carrots, beets, herbs and other vegetables.


One detail to note that the crops are grown in jable, homegrown system that makes the area a traditional agricultural landscapes in the Canary Islands, the colorful beauty that gives the pumice or jable to their gardens, this must be add the quality of crops, despite the hostility of the climate and poor water quality.

These unique agricultural landscapes choked by development pressure and the progressive abandonment of rural refuse to disappear thanks to the perseverance and affection with their owners give all the products they grow.